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Text Messaging

Get your message across in seconds

Mobile communication is an essential tool in today's fast paced society. The unparalleled open rates of SMS make it the most effective way to reach new and existing customers, as well as to communicate with staff.

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Enjoy the benefits of text messaging for your business

Unparalleled open & click-through rates

Improve delivery success rates

Capture new customers with opt-in SMS marketing

Reward loyalty with personalised offers

Encourage repeat purchases & increase footfall

Show your customers how professional you are

Integrate the Flexicom Solutions platform into your everyday business processes and applications to make SMS even easier. You can send & receive text messages, while capturing information through your normal online tools.

Percentage opening rates





percentage opening rate




Text Messages

percentage opening rate

SMS beats email and social

150 times

the number of times people look at their mobile phones in a day


of email is spam


of stories on Twitter & Facebook are not viewed

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Integration with popular apps such as Zapier and Outlook,
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Full management of mobile web pages & surveys
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Unlimited phone support
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