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Small and Mid-Size Businesses Need to Focus on Cybersecurity

Small and Mid-Size Businesses Need to Focus on Cybersecurity

What are you doing to protect your business and secure sensitive customer data? Many #SMBs believe that they're not at risk for a cyberattack, which makes them an easier target. Check out this article for strategies to protect valuable customer information. Then give us a call. Our team at Flexicom Solutions can help you get started.
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Technology: How it Benefits Small Business

Who doesn't want to streamline accounting, better manage costs, and connect with customers? Excellent article on #growthhacks for small business. Check out the article: #Microsoft #Technology #IT #BusinessAutomation
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The Importance of Teamwork and Collaboration

The Importance of Teamwork and Collaboration

The World Economic Forum identifies the ability to work collaboratively and people management as important skills for the 2020 workplace. Contact Flexicom Solutions to discover how we can help you empower collaboration and teamwork with #Microsoft 365.
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SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 end of support is coming

SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 end of support is coming

A lot has changed since 2008. Over the past decade or so, Microsoft has made huge improvements to its server offerings with hybrid cloud solutions, more robust security, and advanced analytic capabilities. With end of support here for SQL Server 2, now is the time to start benefitting from these upgrades at your organization. Flexicom Solutions is here to help you make a smooth transition. Contact us to start the process today.
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Empowering the modern seller: A new definition of engagement

Empowering the modern seller: A new definition of engagement

What does effective engagement look like? Contrary to what many sellers assume, it's not about increasing the number of interactions or even introducing buyers to the most relevant products. Today's buying process is a combination of self-research by the customer and key interactions with sales reps to answer questions along the way. When is the right moment to interact? Dynamics 365 for Sales can provide insights into what your customers are looking for in those key interactions and when. At Flexicom Solutions, we want to help your sales reps meet and surpass buyer expectations. Contact us to learn more.
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Business Connectivity

Business Broadband

How can you be competitive if your internet service just cannot keep pace with the speed of your business plans! Whether you're just starting your business or growing it, we'll give you a helping hand to choose the right service for you

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Broadband is your lifeblood

In an internet driven world, ``always on`` broadband is fundamental to your business

Depending on your location, we can provide a range of broadband solutions with speeds up to 330Mbps

You need speed & performance

Business broadband provides guaranteed service levels & security

Losing your connection is likely to lose you money, customers, employees or ultimately your reputation, then price alone should not be a factor

Save £££s on your business bills

Switch today - we'll take care of everything, including local set up, support & service

If you work for a school or college, or for a charity, please ask for our specialist team

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Generally higher speeds and better download limits for a consistent service

Better customer support compared to consumer broadband

Priority traffic to ensure speed and quality of your connection is not compromised

Agreed service levels with the provider

Static IP address to ensure a seamless service

Generally, larger businesses require higher data limits but we can help you to understand your requirements and recommend a solution based on your circumstances. Our vendor neutral approach means that we have numerous options available that can be tailored for you.

Sole trader at the start of your journey - you many want to advertise your services through a webpage or communicate with your customers using a professional email address

Freelancers - you may need higher levels of internet security, in which case a business broadband connection would be ideal. Higher upload and download speeds would offer you the ability to share files quickly

Online retailers - Business broadband gives you better security to be able to process online payments and you would benefit from guaranteed uptime on your website

Small businesses - apart from the higher upload and download speeds, you're able to take advantage of increased productivity & collaboration tools and cloud software & infrastructure

ADSL - This is the most common type of broadband connection, supplied over the BT Phone network. The speed of your connection will be dependant on how close you are to the nearest telephone exchange

Fibre - connection is provided over a fibre-optic cable, providing faster upload and download speeds, compared to an ADSL connection. Availability is limited and it is generally more expensive and for this reason there are other advanced connectivity options available to you

Ultrafast Broadband

How do I choose from all the different options?

Speed is an important factor for businesses that have many members of staff that need to access the internet at the same time. You will also need to prioritise speed if your business relies on collaboration & productivity tools such as video conferencing

Consider your download requirements - a larger business will have greater requirements to download data over the internet and would have a greater range of services that they would want to use

Contract lengths are anywhere from 12-36 months. Longer term contracts are generally cheaper than short term contracts, which are more flexible in terms of giving you the option to review your supplier (and costs) more frequently

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We can also help you with any complex connectivity requirements such as leased lines or gigabit connections, for which you could qualify for upto £2,500 against the cost of connection

Contact us for a more detailed discussion about your specific requirements