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Telephone Solutions

Voice Over IP (VOIP)

The latest in enterprise phone technology combines voice & data to reduce rentals and save up to 40% on calls!


Is a hosted VOIP solution right for you?

Do you need to:

cut the cost of your calls?

network multiple offices & employees?

centralise cost control & management?

improve your system's flexibility?

replace your current PBX or support contract?

use your smartphone for work?

Start saving today with our FREE telecoms audit

Why VOIP is a great idea for your business

it's offers low cost calls - calls to the BT national & international network are at a lower cost, with Free calls to other VOIP users

never miss a call - if a destination is unreachable, calls are automatically forwarded to a pre-configured alternative device

the VOIP network is location and system resilient & expandable. It can spread across multiple sites easily & efficiently, with inter-office extension number dialling as standard – this allows you the space you need to grow without the headaches of figuring out your business processes

it's simple to use - VOIP services are plug & go, with pre-configured phones shipped as standard – for additional peace of mind, we can even look after your phone system after you have purchased it – to proactively ensure all is ok – so you can focus on your business and your customers

you can keep your existing numbers: No need to reprint your business stationery or issue new numbers to anyone! Your existing numbers can be ported across to the new VOIP system so you can confidently continue developing your business whilst we look after the final piece of detail

Many of our solutions include bundled minutes to UK landline & mobile and are amongst the most competitive offers on the market – so get in touch – you’ll be glad you did!