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Exclaimer Cloud

Award-winning service to design & add professional signatures to all Office 365 email

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Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365 is a multi-award-winning Office 365 signature management service - an Office 365 solution for organizations to centrally manage professional Office 365 signatures for all users sending email from any device

Design email signatures using the intuitive signature editor or choose from a library of professional templates. Your signatures can even be bitmap graphics with embedded links or full images
Email signatures use contact data taken from your Office 365 Directory such as an email address, telephone number and job title
Have different email signatures for external and internal messages
Update any signature element and apply the changes instantly
Add photo images to all users’ Office 365 signatures for more personalized email communications
Want to add a web banner promoting an event or special offer? Add one to an Office 365 signature in a few clicks that is automatically removed when you no longer need it
Give professional Office 365 signatures to a user/department with ease or go further by assigning signatures based on specific sender attributes
Comply with international email regulations with a legal disclaimer
Accredited with the ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Certification

The Best Email Signature Solution for Office 365

with over 50 million users in over 150 countries

Get a full, dynamic email signature when sending from any device, including smartphones, tablets and Macs

Control all email signatures from a web browser, with no need to install or download anything

Create signatures easily using a drag-and-drop editor. No HTML skills required!

Easily update elements of the signature and see the changes instantly

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