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End Point Protection & Encryption

The difference between Endpoint Security & Anti-Virus

Anti-virus provides protection on the network of multiple devices and Endpoint security protects the individual devices actually connected to the network. This would give a business complete control over which devices can connect to the network and when connected, what these devices can do.

Endpoint Protection

With an increase in the number of devices within businesses and the greater need to allow flexible working/working from home, there has never been a more challenging time to consider the security of the IT infrastructure.
Many small businesses do not have an IT department or the necessary skills or the budget to be able among all the possibilities - that's where we can help you to understand the potential risks and work with you to build a mitigation plan, which doesn't;t need to be expensive.
Even if you've already invested in Endpoint protection, it would still be worth a chat to make sure you have a solution right for you and for the way you manage your business


Increasing high-profile data breaches and ransomware attacks, coupled with the urgency to comply with GDPR has placed businesses large and small on red alert for the best ways to safeguard their data and networks, both now and for the future.
The key question now is, how do you account for all of the data that’s travelling across the airwaves between mobile devices, browsers, databases, and the cloud?
Encryption scrambles text to make it unreadable by anyone other than those with the keys to decode it, and this approach is increasingly becoming a must-have element in any business security strategy for its ability to slow down and even deter hackers from stealing sensitive information.

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